A google search or any TV advertisement shows the national brands like ADT offering “free” security systems and “low” monthly monitoring rates. However, it has been reported customers soon are paying much higher fees and are locked in for up to 5 years.

Quality of equipment:

The national brands like ADT give “free” systems by offering the cheapest equipment they can buy. When it comes to home security you should be looking for quality and reliability. Leaving your home and family vulnerable is not why you bought a security system, rather the opposite.

The Details are in the Fine Print:

When you dive into ADT’s contracts, they can be very deceiving. While they may be giving you a “free” security system, they make up for that cost by locking you into a 3-5-year contract which allows them to raise your monthly monitoring rates year after year. Soon your low monthly monitoring and “free” system can add up. Customers have reported paying up to $70 dollars a month. Over the long haul, you will pay much more by receiving a “free” system.

Customer Service:

When you work with a large company like ADT, you are just a number. Trying to receive help when you have an issue can become problematic. ADT fields hundreds of thousands of calls a day, making it unlikely you will talk to the same person twice. You need someone who knows your home to help solve your problems.


At some point during your time having an alarm system, you may need service on your system. While ADT does have full time employees that come out to work on your system, they also subcontract work out as well. Who knows if the person who is working on your system is an ADT employee or not?

We have had customers call us asking to come service their system because ADT cannot get to them for weeks and sometimes over a month.

Local Service Makes a Difference:

At Southern Alarm & Security, we believe in providing you with the care and help you need right here in your community. Our technicians are full time Southern Alarm employees, not subcontractors.

Our pricing is honest, and we stand by our work. All our work comes with a 1-year parts labor warranty. Our contracts do not have introductory rates or deceiving details that allow us to raise your rates. We honor our price for the life of the contract (and usually beyond that).