“Smart Home” is exactly what it sounds like… automating features of your home to make your life simpler and safer. Nowadays, an alarm system is a must to protect your family and pets from harm. With today’s technology we can take our home security a step further with integrated features to make our home even safer and save time and energy cost.

The following tips work with alarm systems that will allow integration with smart devices. If you are unsure if your alarm is compatible, please talk with your alarm company provider. The below devices integrate with your alarm control app so that you are able to control your home from one location. An alarm system with an app will be required to integrate this technology.

  1. Cameras:

Cameras are a simple integration into your home alarm system that allow you to have eyes on your home whether you are in your bedroom or on vacation. WiFi Cameras have improved tremendously over the past few years. You are able to integrate both indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras into your home. This is a great way to catch any prowlers or burglars. Many municipalities throughout the country want video verification that someone is breaking into your home and statistics have shown police respond 4 times more quickly when they know an active burglary is in process.

  1. Video Doorbell: 

Video Doorbells have become one of the number one selling smart home devices out there, and for good reason. As 34% of break-ins occur at the front door, you are able to see who is approaching your home. Make sure any video doorbell you choose has motion detection recording, in case the person does not push your doorbell button. You still want to see who is approaching your home!

  1. Lighting:

Lighting can be incorporated into any alarm system. While there are many ways to incorporate smart lighting into a home, adding lighting into a security system that will turn lights on when you come home and disarm your system (or turn off as you arm your system upon exit) makes your life not only simpler, but also safer. It is always smart to walk into a well-lit house. A feature we love about the smart lighting is having our streetlight come on every night at dusk and off at dawn. Our street is pitch dark at night and it makes our end of the street a little safer.

  1. Door Locks:

Door locks are becoming an essential part of any home security system, as we have people coming and going from our homes. Handing out keys leaves your home vulnerable as you never know who may get a hold of it or if copies are made. With smart door locks you are able to give someone a code, which can disarm your alarm system upon entry. After that person has left, you are able to delete that code, keeping your home safe!

  1. Garage Door Opener: 

Smart garage door controls have been slowly catching on in the smart home realm. As in my house, it’s easy to forget to close the garage door at night before heading to bed, leaving your garage possessions vulnerable and giving easy access to your home. When integrated with your alarm system, your garage door can automatically close upon arming your system for the evening. 

  1. Thermostat:

Smart thermostats have been great for people coming and going and looking to save money on their heating and cooling bill. It’s hard to remember to turn your thermostat down every time you leave or get home and you also have to wait for the house to heat up or cool down. With today’s smart thermostat you are able to turn the A/C on 30 minutes before you get home and walk into a cool and temperate home. 

At Southern Alarm & Security we offer alarm systems that can be integrated with Total Connect 2.0 app with all the above smart devices and more. Our goal is make your home simpler and safer. Please call us today and ask how we can make your home smarter!