Telephone line alarm monitoring basically means connecting your security system to your existing telephone line, sending the alarm signals to the central monitoring station using “sound” along the copper line to communicate what is happening in your home. Your telephone service could be the old standard telephone service (PSTN or POTS) or a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

What is VOIP and will my alarm system work if I have VOIP?
Alarm system signals travel as a “sound” along the phone line. With traditional copper wire, it makes a buzzing noise (similar to a fax or dial up modem) to send messages to the monitoring station. VOIP is a broadband connection and your voice is converted into digital data and then streamed over the internet. Every provider has a different technology that accomplishes this goal. This can leave your home vulnerable because although your alarm system will send a signal, it may not go through to the monitoring station, due to how your phone system is communicating that signal.

What should I do if I have my security system is on a VOIP phone system?
1. Call us (828-693-7136) and put your system on test.
2. Set off your alarm system
3. We will check to see if we are receiving signals.
4. If we do not receive signal, we recommend installing a cellular communicator.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring
Cellular technology allows your security system to communicate with the monitoring station over the same platform that cellphones use. Which leaves no wires to potentially be cut by burglars (yes, they will do this!). Plus, you are able to go without a home phone line if you prefer.
A Cellular Communicator can be easily added to most existing security systems with a simple service call. Call or email us today and we can get you scheduled to switch your system from a phone line to a cellular communicator in no time.

How to test your system:

Call Daniels Monitoring at 828-277-7334 to put your system on test or they will dispatch when your alarm is activated. They will ask for either your Account number (Account number should be on your original paperwork) or Password.

Set system like you are leaving the house. Wait a few minutes to allow delay on door to time out.

Activate alarm. Walk through the house and open every door with a contact, walk past all motion detector, and any window with a sensor.

Allow alarm to sound for at least 90 seconds before disarming system, remember to disarm twice to reset system to normal.

Call Daniels Monitoring back and make sure they received signals from your system. If they report no signals, please call us for service right away, there is something that isn’t working properly.