Did you know that May is motorcycle safety month?

When nice weather hits and you’re ready to take your baby on a ride, be sure to keep some basic safety tips in mind, especially because accidents involving motorcycles can be catastrophic. In fact, those who ride motorcycles are 29 times more likely to die in crashes than those who stick to their car, SUV, or truck.

That’s why it’s so crucial to be sure that when you are operating a motorcycle or you’re riding one, to follow all safety recommendations.

Keep reading below for tips!

• NEVER drive your motorcycle impaired or under the influence of substances or alcohol.

• Wear a helmet. Look for those rated specifically for motorcyclists to maximize your safety.

• Take a safety course. Most states require some type of motorcycle safety course in order to be granted a motorcycle license. In North Carolina, an individual MUST have a motorcycle learner’s permit or a special endorsement on their provisional, regular, or commercial driver’s license in order to operate a motorcycle legally.

• Check the weather before you head out. A bright sunny day is ideal for a ride. Rain, snow, or ice can compromise your safety if you choose to drive in inclement weather.

• Obey traffic laws and rules, use proper signaling and go the proper speed limit to prevent catastrophic accidents.

• Be observant and pay attention to other drivers on the road to ensure your safety.

• Keep a first aid kit with you.

• Never assume other drivers can see you. Ensure you are visible and easy for others to see you while riding.
• Consider motorcycle insurance which is tailored to a motorcyclist’s needs.

• If someone is riding with you, ensure they too have the proper safety gear to keep them safe too and respect their need for safety and their boundaries if they are anxious about riding with you. 

Be safe, be smart, and have fun!