Keyless Entry/Access Control

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At Home - Tired of searching through your bag or your pockets for the right key?  Entering your home can be as easy as remembering your special code or even pushing a button on a key fob transmitter for remote access while walking the path to the door. 

One solution doesn't fit everyone, so we will discuss your needs with you and determine the best system for your home.  Our priority is to keep you feeling more safe while making your life easier. 


At the Office - Controlling access to your facility is more of a concern these days than ever. We have software based systems that can take advantage of your existing computer hardware and can be integrated with your security system to maintain a tighter control over your facility. Your employees will also feel safer knowing that they are protected from uninvited characters. Optional devices for activating a "keyless entry" door station include:

  • Magnetic Card Swipes
  • Proximity Cards
  • Proximity Key Tags
  • ID Card Buttons
  • Biometric Technology
  • ...and more!